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We have become known for our community giving and receive several requests each year for funding to assist with local programs.  The Night Owl Run now requires organizations to complete and submit the Funding Request Application.
The mission of the Night Owl Run is to provide financial support to Park County, Montana associated programs and organizations that emphasize education, outdoor recreation and/or youth-oriented experiences, projects and/or programs. We also provide occasional funding to special fundraisers coordinated for community members in need.
As part of our community-volunteerism requirements, the applicant must provide a commitment of at least four volunteers to assist in some way during the NOR event or activities leading up to the event (registration packet pick-up; food serving; event set-up /post-event cleanup; street corner cheerleading and participant support; etc.).  The final amount of the donation to the applicant is based upon the total number of volunteers that actually show up and participate at the event – in one of several areas of need.  Applications are due no later than August 20th of each year.
NOR Funding Request App
Thanks to generous support of great local sponsors and area businesses, as well as from active runners and walkers joining the crowd, 100% of proceeds are donated back to area education- and youth-oriented programs and organizations.

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