Hoot Hoot!

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People love this race!

I love the Night Owl race! It is the start of my favorite running double header in Montana: Night Owl Friday and Big Bear Stampede on Saturday in Jardine/Gardiner. Both races raise money which stays local to help with health and wellness causes that are extremely dear to those of us living in Park and Gallatin counties – Nikki K.
A huge shoutout to NOR for the very gracious donation of $200 to my 2nd grade classroom! The funds were used to purchase Boogie Boards, letter stamps and math manipulatives to be used in differentiating my lessons to meet the needs of every student in my classroom. Thank you! – Julie B.

Your support of the LINKS program and our community is very much appreciated!  Thank you for everything! – Terri H.

Thank you for ALL you do for the students in the Livingston School District !!! – David P.

THANK YOU for an awesome night!! Such a fun, well-organized, high-spirited event. I’m in awe of the way everything was so well thought out, and at how you got sooooo many people in the community to be a part of the event — whether as a runner or walker, cheerleader, or whatever. It was an amazing experience, and I’m so grateful to have been able to participate. THANKS for all your hard work!! You Rock. – Jackie A.

The race was super fun as usual but probably the best one yet. Thanks for all you do to put on the event and contribute to the community.  – Bret D.

On behalf of the Livingston School District, I want to thank you for your efforts and generosity to help the students of our district. – Rich M.

Thank you! Such a great run! We really enjoy it! – Tiff J.

Thank you so much!  Dave was elated this morning to show me his check from the Night Owl Run.  He will be having our Applied W.O.W. Math class build a cage for the soldier fly larvae.  They cannot wait to get started!  I have been in contact with Shane at PHS and his class can build our bike racks.  We are working out the details today, buying the supplies this week, and will begin the racks next week.  – Lisa R.

This run has always been fun, but I absolutely loved the new course! It was a simply gorgeous/fantastic scenery run! And, by the way, thanks for allowing strollers, it was nice to run with my wee one! – Kirsten H.

It was such a great race, community event, so much fun! – Kat B.

You guys do a fantastic job! – Michael C.

Love the new course, and the volunteers from the organizations that benefit were great! Hoot hoot! – Tracy P.

You did a FANTASTIC job putting the race together.  It’s only the 3rd race I’ve ever ran, but it was by far the most enjoyable for me – I’ll be back next year! – Trace T.

Thanks!  I had a great time.  Will definitely be there next year. – Zanya B.

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Night Owl race last Friday. I’m from Seattle and on a quest to do races in every state – this was definitely one of the better ones. – Jennifer M.

What a fun and well organized race/walk the Night Owl was. – Carol G.

I have always liked participating in this race, it is well run (no pun intended. Really!), lots of fun, and really nice to have the dinner afterwards! However, the course this year was SPECTACULAR and beat the pants off of previous years! The views certainly couldn’t be beat and I loved it! I vote for this course again next year!  – Kirsten H.

Easy, fun-paced course in a non-busy residential area.  Fun for all! – Jim S.

Great food, prizes and participants.  Keep it going! – Keri R.

Best evening run around!  – Adam R.